Multi Activity Tower

Multi Activity Tower

As the name suggests, multi activity tower is designed to facilitate many tasks at one place.  We at Activeman  design and modify the tower as per the need of the clients. In planning this , the safety of the person undertaking the activity is priority.

We design climbing wall in complete natural as well as artificial environment. In one of our famous multiactivity tower designs. we had  zip line, climbing wall and  slithering together at a place. The compact design of an artificial tower is a masterpiece of our engineering skills..

Activity On Multi Activity Tower

  1. Climbing Wall :-    Climbing Wall is an artificially constructed Climbing structure with holds for hand and feet. The Climbing Wall can be a permanent set up or can be erected for short or long durations within the multi Activity set up.
  2. Rappelling Wall :- The Multi activity tower also have rappelling an adventure sport that can clearly challenges your limits. It is a specialised technique that is used to descend from the mountains and cliffs by making a controlled slide down on a fixed rope.
  3. Zip Line :- We will plan, design and include Zip Line inside the multi activity tower, as per your preface, spending plan and particular necessities to guarantee a hand crafted line alongside a multi movement focus that is built flowlessly following all well-being models.
  4. Free Fall :- This movement enables you to duplicate the vibe of free folling. This thrilling background ends up noticeably conceble with the hand crafted well-being ropes and saddle to back you off amid the terminal piece of your plunge.
  5. Slithering :- The Multi activity tower additionally can be utilised as a slithering base to creep down like a deadly snake only the way the commandos does.

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